By Jeremy Leon (@jeremymleon)Senior Social Strategist @247LS

Facey is changing. No longer will your super polished photos cut through the noise. If your content doesn’t look like the UGC of the social platform you’re on — only a lot better — you’re gonna have a tough time. We’ve noticed this trend emerge over the past year as we created, promoted and analyzed our content across multiple accounts and verticals. People DON’T click on non-organic content. People DO click on organic content. We’ve run tests across the board proving this. With organic images seeing a 2-3x increase in engagement rate compared to their non-organic counterparts. One such test we ran was with one of our fashion accounts, Yosi Samra. We did an A/B test with both posts using the exact same copy and featuring the same product, with the only difference being the image used. One image is a high quality, glossy, photo shoot shot and one is an image that looks like something that you’d see in your Newsfeed or Instagram feed. The non-organic image saw CTRs of 3% to fans and 2% to non-fans. The organic image saw a CTR of 5% to fans and 8% to non-fans! These differences are HUGE! Non-organic photos on Facebook are the banner ads of social media. Some brands have caught on to this, a lot haven’t. People are becoming more media-savvy and their media consumption habits are evolving faster than ever before. The only way to keep ahead of the trends is to be nimble, and you can only do this by creating content, buying media and analyzing data under the same roof in real-time.